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You might have smart and skilled members within your team, but if you want them to excel and make a difference, their self-confidence must be encouraged.
“I´ve been given this big new project and my manager says he knows I can do it, but I’m not sure if I am the right guy. I might look for help but it would probably worry my boss of me not being ready”
“My boss told me that he expects for me to bring solutions, no the problems… but if I don’t know how to come up a solution, how or when do I tell him that the project is in troubles?”
Some of us has been in this position several times, in either side being the manager or the confused employee or team member. There have been times when we had a problem and came up to our manager asking for help and received the solutions/problem speech. With very good intentions trying to be a good leader and make our team members work their brains for solutions we might be just leading them to feel anxious or not telling us things what is happening in their projects.
Building confidence requires communication, not just compliments. It starts by making them feel that there is a commitment of trust within each other and that you have their backs. It requires to build upon their competences by sharing of knowledge and lessons learned of their peers. Confident teams are more likely to try new approaches bringing new ideas and success.
The conversation will guide us through building trust and respect within our team, connecting personally to listen what the unspoken conversations are telling us about our peers. The purpose is to help them realize and accept that failure is a common thing and is a step to success.
Then it will be explored the solutions/problems phenomenon where it will be presented a practice implemented in a company to promote team collaboration and problem-solving in order to come up not with “the solution” but with alternatives to explore and build upon them to increase not only with better project results but with better-equipped individuals to face new challenges.
Finally, the talk will try to bring some inspiration by leading them to share their ideas, experiences and competences by a practice of having them teach other their lessons learned.
Roger Ramirez

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